Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Focus : The Wedding Photojournalist of our Generation

Taking an interest at the early age of 15, this photographer started shooting pictures of landscapes, insects and people and capturing picturesque photos, David Cheok @ Muhammad David Cheok, now 32, then decided to continue his studies abroad at the European Business School in London. Upon completion of his studies, he proudly came back to his homeland with a degree in International Business & Global Marketing hoping to be a Marketing Analyst. Yet in the end in 2003, his took a huge leap forward and started his own business. With his much talented skills he accepted a Bride & Grooms invitation to be their official photographer for their wedding. They were his first clients. Suggesting a pre-wedding photo-shoot at his mini studio made the bride & groom more familiar to their official photographer.

David's First Clients

David's Recent Clients

Since then David has shoot thousands of wedding ceremonies and has also done photo shoots for promotions for some prominent companies here in Brunei. Besides shooting weddings, David also does the occasional family portraits at his studio, Kiddie portraiture as well as social functions.

David Cheok is now a devoted husband to his wife and a loving father. This Brunei-born professional photographer is an example of an aspiring youth of Brunei. He is very ambitious, determined, courageous and very inspiring to other photographers of Brunei.

This wedding photojournalist of our generation uses his talent to capture moments that are most precious to the bride and groom. As quoted by him when asked what his interests were, "To be able to find and capture the next moment". His photography enables us to read a story and to join in with the happiness that is shared during that moment. His photos are more than extraordinary, they are priceless.

David's Family Portraiture

A Malay Wedding

A Chinese Wedding

A Stunning Bride

N/B: David Cheok Photography offers wedding packages for his clients. A full wedding package, at present, costs BND$ 2,500 which includes a pre-wedding shoot by David Cheok himself, photography by David Cheok and his apprentice at all wedding functions, one Gloryworkz album, Ten (10) 8R prints photographs of clients choice and one hundred and eighty (180) 4R prints accompanied by a DVD copy of all photos taken. For more information, please visit his website at


Blogger David said...

Ok.. I think you should start writing about someone else too.. my suggestions:

Jan Shim
Jason Ong
Jerome Wong
(all Js.. hmmm)

Tirmidzi aka Mizigoneloco
Pg Sofian aka Pause by Bald

and many more!


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