Monday, June 4, 2007

April Focus : The Ultimate Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes have now become part of our tradition in Brunei. Normally the Bride and Groom will have the cake-cutting ceremony on their ambil-ambilan night or during their wedding reception, i.e. Majlis bersanding. Wedding cakes are traditionally apart of the European culture which dates back to the medieval times. Each guest was supposed to bring a small cake and they were stacked on the tables in levels and layers, hence the multi-tier wedding cake, one of the prominent symbols of the ‘Wedding Cake’. Here in Brunei, most modern wedding couples have adopted the tradition of the multi-tiered wedding cake due to its beauty and exquisite designs. Many Brides search the internet and wedding magazines for the perfect design for their ultimate wedding cake. Upon finding their dream cake, finding the right baker to do it can be difficult. Yet for those who still haven’t found the perfect one, look no further as I have the best baker in town for you.

I am sure many of you readers have heard of the wedding of Jenny Malai Ali which took place early this year. Well, many pictures of this beautiful bride and her groom were posted online on many websites and her exquisite wedding cake made it online too. This beautifully decorated wedding cake was made, no other than my best friend's mother, Mrs. Zainab Embran.

Jenny Malai Ali & Mohd Ridha's wedding cake

This talented wedding-cake baker is the mother of three, who are all grown up, one daughter with a family of her own, her other daughter who is on the track to holy matrimony and her youngest son in university. Mrs. Zainab has traveled the world with her husband and family over the past ten years and now has finally returned home to Brunei to share with us her talent of making grand and lavish masterpieces.

For those who are soon to be wedded and are interested in a consultation with Mrs. Zainab, feel free to drop a line to her gmail address listed in our directory page.


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