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Focus: Asia Printers Sdn Bhd

Asia Printers Sdn Bhd

As much as we are living in the era of modern technology, invitations sent through emails and text messaging as well as verbal invitations through the telephone, does not at all do the trick for inviting your guests to your wedding. Even when you personally call up your friends to invite them to your wedding, they will always reply, "Mana Jemputan?", loosely translated "Where's my invitation card?". I wouldn't blame them, I often do the same.

By having the invitation card in our possession in black and white, it helps us, the guests, in many ways. For instance, the date of the wedding, it may easily slip our minds and by having the invitation card lying around, its simply easy to pick it up and check the date. The same goes for the location. Many people I know have very bad sense of direction and the map that often accompanies the invitation card does really help.

Map at the back of invitation cards

It is here when one familiarizes oneself with printing companies. For a country with only four districts and a small population, we actually have quite a few printing companies, an estimation of about 20. This number does not include those unlisted small printing companies that actually specialize in just wedding invitations. As for myself, I prefer to choose one printing company that specializes in all sorts of printing so it would be hassle free for me.

Asia Printers Sdn Bhd is one of the prominent printing companies in Brunei established in 1972 and has been operating for more than thirty years. You could call it, one of the pioneers of printing companies that were first set up in Brunei. This printing company is solely owned by a local businesswoman, Dayang Hajah Ummi Kalthum Abdullah and has been involved in this company since it first opened.

Besides Wedding Invitations, Asia Printers also prints customized paper bags for weddings as well as Wedding Guestbooks. This customized wedding guestbook is one of a kind and is a keep sake for those who would like to cherish memories and greetings given to them by their guests. For pricing on this, one would have to contact the printing company personally for a quotation as the price varies with the number of pages one requests. Below are some samples of wedding invitations Asia Printers have done for clients as well as paper bags.

Invitation card

Invitation Card

Pages of the GuestBook

Paper Bag

For contact details, please go to the directory page.

Will be posting up a list of other printing companies soon.


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