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Focus: Local Talented Photographers (Part One)

The Photography industry has taken a giant leap forward over the past couple of years. Being able to capture beautiful pictures is an art and to be an artist, you must have talent. These talented groups of people often posses the ability to think fast, be extremely observant and are very well prepared to capture the right moment. Some of these gifted people take up photography as a profession as for others, snapping away is a hobby they are addicted to, a passion they are captivated with. Nevertheless, they all enjoy the pleasure of capturing moments.

Each photographer, may they be a professional or an amateur at photography, have their own style and technique, depending on their equipment, the atmosphere, the lighting and of course, their talent. This is one of the many reasons why one should always consult a wedding photographer first and look over his/her portfolio as well as discuss on the charges of their services. Honesty is the best policy and so if you feel that taking them on will be over your budget then tell them, they might just negotiate wedding packages that are affordable or recommend a colleague whose services are in your price range.

I have actually lost count on how many photographers I have come across that take exceptional pictures, yet do not despair, I have made it a task to gather a selection of local talented photographers here in Brunei that are available to shoot weddings. So far, I have come across three photographic artistes and I am still continuing my search.

Muhammad Reeda Malik a.k.a. anak brunei has been a fan of photography for a very long time but decided to take this pastime seriously sometime in June of last year. This talented 37 year-old photographer had the opportunity to capture moments at the wedding of Kristal FM's DJ Jenny to Ridza. Since then, this 'anak brunei' has shot several weddings, both Malay and Chinese. Reeda has taken many beautiful photographs and I had the honour to see them when he had his Multiply page, but viewing his official website, I must say, he has most definitely improved alot as his pictures are extraordinary and to prove it I have posted a number of my favourite ones.

A Groom's Essentials

Ceremonial Couture

Double Trouble

"I do, I do"

Never Let Go

For his rendered services, anak brunei charges around B$ 400 per event. This includes the coverage of a maximum of 3 hours. There are additional charges for longer coverage as well as a surcharge for events outside of the Brunei Muara District. Although anak brunei does not publish any fixed packages for his services, he urges his clients to consult him to discuss further and as quoted by him "....may come up with a mutually agreeable package."

For those interested in contacting anak brunei, please refer to the directory page for complete contact information. Many more of Anak Brunei's talented pictures may be viewed on his official website that goes by the name

This 27 year old local photographer is a teacher by profession, but his passion on the weekends is snapping away with his camera. The love and passion for photography for Mr. Yasien Yusuf was inspired while he was studying in Maktab Duli when he joined the photography club as part of his ECA.

Even after completing his A'levels and furthering his studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, this enthusiastic photographer continued his passion of photography and joined the University's Photography club. Yasien's interest in picture-taking won him several inter-faculty photography competitions and to this day never parts with his camera as quoted by him, "Photography is part of my life, a camera will always be my best buddy whenever and wherever I go."

This recently-engaged young man has been shooting weddings for about three years and snap shots of a few of these weddings can be viewed on his official website, There were quite a number of snap shots that I caught my eye on his website, Yet, I will only be sharing with you a handful of them. Here are a few of those favourite shots of mine taken by Yasien.

The Anxious Moment

The Old and the New

Comic Moment Captured

The Devoted Husband

Per event, Yasien offers his services at B$150 for a maximum of four hours coverage time. Additional charges will apply if coverage time is longer than four hours. Nevertheless, his rates are very reasonable and affordable too. Yasienstudio's also has two selections of wedding packages. Interested parties should contact Yasien or email him for further queries. Please refer to Directory page for details.

Mohammad Azman a.k.a. Maman is a 29 year old freelance photographer from Kampong Beribi. His interest in photography started ten years ago but he has been an active wedding photographer for about five years. Wedding pictures captured by Maman can be viewed on his Multiply Page,

This local shutterbug charges around B$350 for an event. Yet as a traditional Brunei wedding can carry up to 4 to 5 events, Maman offers various wedding packages for the different number of events.

For the TWO EVENTS PACKAGE, Maman charges a fee of B$450 where a deposit of 30% is requested. This package includes 2 pictures of your choice (8R size), 4 pictures of your choice (5R size), Photobook A4 Hardcover, 1 A3 poster and a DVD slideshow. As for the FIVE EVENTS PACKAGE, the fee amounts up to B$1,100 where a retainer of 50% is requested. This particular package offers Five (5) 8R size as well as Twelve (12) 5R size pictures of your choice, 1 DVD slideshow, an option of either a Square Hardcover Photobook or an A4 Hardcover Photobook and 1 A3 poster.

The Photobook

The other wedding packages offered by Maman are the ONE EVENT PACKAGE, the THREE EVENTS PACKAGE and the FOUR EVENTS PACKAGE. Rates for each of these three packages vary and range from B$350 to B750. As this photographer is based in the Brunei Muara district, there will be a surcharge of B$50 for events taking place in Tutong and B$100 for events taking place in Kuala Belait.

The Reminiscence Bride

The Obedient Wife

Happily Ever After

The pictures above are only a few of my favourite pictures captured by Maman. For those interested in the photography services of Maman or if you would like to inquire more on his packages, do not hesitate to drop him a line or call him directly. Please refer to the directory page for details.


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