Sunday, September 9, 2007

Feature: Shannon's Heavenly Crazy Cupcakes

Only since very recently have cupcakes become a trend in Brunei to offer as a gift from a bride to the groom and his family. In Malaysia and Singapore, this has been a tradition they adopted quite sometime ago for their weddings where they arrange a large number of cupcakes into tiers and decorate them to form the look of a wedding cake, hence the experience and talent they have in cupcake baking and decorating.

Yet, here in Brunei, although many ladies have the experience in baking and making cupcakes, we are still very new in the decorating department, until very recently when I came across a young lady who has taken up cupcake baking & decorating as a hobby after watching Nigella Feasts on television during her cupcake-baking session.

Ms. Adrina Shannon, a sweet young lady is a secondary school English teacher, currently sharing her knowledge with the students of Sayyidina Hassan Secondary School. She started to research online different recipes and decorating ideas for cupcakes. On her first try, she made a hundred and gave them out to friends and relatives to taste. She received many compliments and continued to bake more and try out different decorating ideas. I was given the opportunity to sample a few cupcakes from her latest batch and they were heavenly.

"Full of Love"

"One Love"


"Chocolate Hersheys"

Mrs. Shannon's cupcakes comes in two sizes, the small bite-size cupcakes and the large size cupcakes. For those who intend to decorate a tray full of cupcakes as gifts for their grooms, I would suggest the large size. As for the flavours of the cupcakes, you may choose from a various selection of yummy flavours such as chocolate chip, banana, vanilla.........and the list goes on.

The icing of the cupcakes is most important, as you can choose the colour of the icing as well as the ingredient. There are two different types of icing you may choose from, the traditional Sugar Icing or Butter Cream Icing. Upon choosing the icing ingredient, you may then choose what colour and flavour you would like for your icing. There is a selection of either white, blue, pink, yellow or even chocolate.

"Multi-decorated Cupcakes"

And for the final touches, the toppings. Most of these toppings, like the Doves, the hearts and the flowers, Adrina makes herself but you can also choose from various other toppings, such as chocolate sprinkles, star sprinkles, coloured sprinkles, silver beads or even those artificial edible flowers.

Different Toppings of Butterflys, beads, flowers and hearts

For wedding orders, feel free to email me at or leave a message on the tagboard. If the sight of these yummy cupcakes by the cupcake queen just look tempting enough to have a quick bite and indulge in their taste, orders for personal use are also accepted. Those interested in ordering for wedding purposes, one batch, which consists of 30 mini cupcakes is B$30.00 and as for thoses special orders of large cupcakes, there is a minimum purchase of 6 boxes consisting of 24 big cupcakes priced also at B$30.00. Feel free to check out our directory page for more details on the cupcake queen.


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