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Focus : Local Talented Photographers (Part Two)

As promised, part two of akadnikah's list of Local talented Photographers of Brunei. This month I was able to come across a few sharp-shooters that have more than just talent but experience too. Those of you who intend to tie the knot on 08-08-08, I suggest you glance through these profiles of talented photogs as I have been informed that many of our wedding photographers have already been booked and paid for.

And so, this month, akadnikah has the honour of bringing to you through your monitor, another two more talented local shutterbugs, Mr. G'Ferro the Chocolate man and Hairol Azmi the black cat. I hope to bring you more of our local talented photographers next month, so stay tuned.


This local photographer is more recognized by his nick name, G'Ferro. Hence, the reason why I call him the Chocolate man. Everytime I come across his work or his website, I automatically think of Ferrero Rocher. But sorry ladies, this sharp-shooter is not just any piece of chocolate available for consumption, as he is happily married and has been for nearly two years. This talented photographer with a sense of humour, is young-hearted, seems to enjoy life and takes it as it comes. Biologically about 30 years old, he jokingly believes that his heart and soul are more of a 21 year old. Definitely a very happy-go-lucky kind of person. Characteristics like these are very important to seek for in a wedding photographer as it does reflect in their photography and can be seen clearly in the pictures they take.

Although G'Ferro has an undying love for photography, he sadly admits that it is not his day job. He has been a fan of photography ever since his teen years, where he was always more of the subject rather than the one behind the lens but come 2004, the true passion of photography finally developed within him when he had his first real experience in wedding photography. This wedding also happened to be David Cheok's first wedding coverage, the wedding of G'Ferro's cousin, G'man and Ainon. Here are a few of his pieces taken at his first and recent wedding that have captured me. For more pictures, you can view them at

"Kedua Mempelai"
(G'Ferro's first wedding)

"Adat Keemasaan Kita"

"Saat Kita"


(G'ferro's recent wedding client)

After gaining experience of wedding photography, G'ferro decided to diversify his photography on to other subjects like streets, abstracts, items and buildings. His passion of snapping away at anything that catches his eye has earned him several publications of his work as well as public displays by various government and private agencies. One of the recent publications of his work can be seen in our local BiG Magazine which also included the cover picture for the magazine. Besides taking photos for publications, G'ferro has also shot family portraitures, photoshoots for products and has also covered the occasional corporate and private agencies annual events. Although G'Ferro has done a number of weddings, his day job requires much of his time and so can only do a very limited number of weddings. Yet for those interested in this young man to cover your wedding, I advise you to drop him a line and send him an email. Contact details are available on the directory page.

I will now leave you with some wise words of advice for future brides and grooms from this young talented gentleman;

"See the Photographers Portfolio as their friends. Book in advance and since photos are the only things that we can treasure to remind us of that historic event, choose wisely and not cheaply."

"For Those Who Appreciate"
Only those who can appreciate photos can understand and appreciate what the photographer has to go through. If they are not an appreciative person, you can give them the no.1 photographer in the world and still they can't see the beauty of it.


Everyone in cyber-space knows this guy as the black cat or as his website is called Ucingitam. I have followed the work of Ucingitam for quite sometime and I can honestly say that he has improved alot in capturing pictures. I guess the art of taking pictures does strive towards perfection with experience. This 31-year-old young local Bruneian gentleman residing in Kampong Tanjong Bunut, may have experience with capturing weddings but has not been through one himself, this talented young man is single but unavailable.

This sharp-shooter is still a "sprout" in covering wedding photography. The works of David Cheok and Jason Ong inspired this young man of this new interest. Asked when he started being interested in photography, his answer was "....when I first laid my hands on my very first DSLR in November 2006..." . As of lately, Ucingitam has been gaining more experience on the art of wedding photojournalism with the help of David Cheok, who has unselfishly taken him on as an apprentice. He admits that during the course of his training, he has learnt alot, from the 'technical part of photography to the tips & tricks to immortalise the moments at a wedding ceremony' as quoted by Ucingitam himself. Personally, I believe that this young sprout is progressing bit by bit and one day will be able to classify himself as a professional photojournalist. Most of Ucingitams work can be viewed at his official website, Scroll down for a quick look at his work and a few of my favourite shots taken by him.

"Alas Pendekar Brunei"

"The Accessories of the Groom"


"The Look of Love & Luck"

"Book of Holiness"

"On Cloud Nine"

Currently, Ucingitam is holding promotional rates for 2007. He charges B$900 for coverage of three events, which normally are the Nikah & Hantaran Ceremony, Majlis Malam Berbedak and Majlis Bersanding. For extra events, an additional amount of B$100 per event will be charged. With this package, you are entitled the printing of 200 (4R size) picture prints of your choice, an album and DVD of all the pictures taken. As practiced by most photographers to secure your booking, a deposit of B$200 is required upon confirmation of your wedding dates. For further details or if you would like to inquire more on Ucingitam's package, feel free to email him or call him. Contact details can be obtained on our directory page.

Ucingitam's last words of advice for future brides and grooms, "...Different photographers have their own different and unique styles, I suggest to brides and grooms to carefully choose the style they prefer...."

"Let Your Words be Few, and Your Exposures be New"
-Hairol Azmi-


Blogger hawa said...

Dear Editor, ask before you want to put something in your blog, particularly when it is something as sensitive as a person being single or not single.

I know for a fact that UcingItam is not single and has not been single since year 2000. Not that I am upset, I just wish for you to correct the error as soon as possible.Errors like these have a way of leading up to big consequences.

On a happy note, UcingItam will soon be engaged. Heehee... I guess he won't be the one taking pictures this time eh? Anyway, to the soon-to-engaged couple... Best wishes to you and I hope all the readers of the website enjoy the webbie as much as I do.

November 25, 2007 at 9:53 PM  
Blogger said...

My dear Hawa,

But just for your info,the form that was required to be filled out had this on it:-



So basically, I did ask him :)

I understand where ur coming from, he is Legally single but in a relationship, right? therefore I have changed it to "single but unavailable."


November 26, 2007 at 12:35 AM  
Blogger hawa said...

Thanks for clearing that up.. Heehee...

In my way of thinking (and I think most Bruneian girls would agree with me on this note) the term single usually implies the person is available.

But I also know that some people love to be what we say "loyar buruk" and will probably respond to the single question in hand as "single eh.... :p but not available"....

Huhuhu... I, myself would kill my bf if he said he was single...

Anyway, thanks again for clearing that up....

November 26, 2007 at 4:08 PM  
Blogger said...

hahahaha...cali u ani Hawa....

I think its not really the way of thinking of Bruneian girls, I think it comes with age....and I also think it applies to different situations..

*trying to think how I wud react back in the days before I got married*

I too would definitely go wildly crazy if a bf of mine mengakun single, when asked by another person, casually. I would expect him to at least sambung "...but I'm seeing someone!"

Yet, it really would not be appropriate for me to go wildly crazy sekiranya tah jua, we were at the bank and the staff were asking him for his details to fill out a form and replied "single" when asked of his marital status. So, it really depends on the situation.

So,my point is, the black cat's future fiance shudn't really worry. Bukan ia inda mengakun kan betunang, it was more like case number 2, filling out the form at the bank. If it did kinda hurt to see the words 'single', she shud just close her eyes, remind her self how much she loves him and remember that she is the one he has chosen to marry, kan :)Its really a privilege to be the chosen udah kawin they will both be filling out forms and ticking the MARRIED box..hehehe

While we are on the subject,why don't I share my experience with you,(coz I have nothing better to lah! coz its just the right thing to do)

Quite a number of years ago,I was in a situation where someone asked a former bf if he was seeing someone and he absolutely denied dating me. Ahh...the hurt & pain. Macam kana tikam di belakang. But,I tried not taking it to heart.Slept on it and let it go the next day. To me, its really not the end of the world. This is how I reacted in my younger days, "Kalau inda kan mengakun, jangan tah! Ingat ia sorang saja lelaki di dunia ani...Pui lah!..aku pun inda kan mengakun..." Ended up dumping him since I realized he's just not worth it. But, as I grew older, I gained more experience from dating the weirdest boys to those egoistic men.
(p/s: not all men are weird and egoistic. Some can be very sweet,nice and romantic)

History repeated itself and this situation arose again but this time it happened to a friend.Since I knew her BF, I wanted an answer to why some men often did this and I was given a list of reasons which I have never forgot. Just makes life easier understanding men a little more :)

1) The more the people know a couple are dating,the more they find reasons to break them up and problems start arising, couple starts to hear all sorts of bad rumours about the other one.

2) Men don't want to loose the friendship of their women-friends (These women-friends often step-back and disappear when they know a guy friend of theirs is seeing someone)

3) The BF is too ashamed of his GF to show her off to the world. Although he loves her characteristics of being nice,looking after him well and possessing wifey material,she does not have the looks,the body or the panache.

And lastly,

4) He just doesn't wanna admit it coz he's just not that serious about the relationship and is just waiting for a better catch to come along. (P/S: I advise all women to read the book "He's Just not Into You")

So there you have it, 4 reasons from a 20+ guy why some men sometimes are not honest about a relationship they are in when asked CASUALLY by others. But,never jump to conclusions, there cud be other reasons why. Best thing is to always ask. So you can learn from the mistakes and the situation. If this ever happens to you, don't let it get you down, its part of God's will of making us more matured and stronger human beings.

Nah! panjang tia pulang comment nya ani..hehehe..If a man happens to read this, please dont be offended,not all men are like this. I mean some women do this too...but basically, there's no 100 reasons to why.


Have a fluffy day everyone!!!

November 26, 2007 at 5:41 PM  
Blogger hawa said...

Banar tu... Depends on the situation lah ah...

Especially like the monologue "Kalau inda kan mengakun, jangan tah! Ingat ia sorang saja lelaki di dunia ani...Pui lah!..aku pun inda kan mengakun..."

Heehee... Feels very nostalgic... *sigh* I usually ask my current bf plg kalau ada probs yang mcm ani... But thank god, he's the type yang menjawab... "Heehee.. Single? Mau liat gmbr gf ku?"

November 27, 2007 at 12:07 AM  
Blogger said...

eseh!.....atu baru ia! Bangga kan gf...Pandai ambil hati lah ur bf. Baik tah di jaga baik-baik, inda mudah di cari tu org catu...

November 27, 2007 at 12:18 AM  
Blogger hawa said...

Gerenti ku jaga baik2... :P

November 27, 2007 at 12:22 AM  
Blogger said...


I hear wedding bells.....


bah lakas lakas tah kawin, akadnikah wants to see you as a gorgeous bride!!

November 27, 2007 at 5:10 PM  
Blogger hawa said...


insya'allah... jodoh d tgn tuhan but 4me, it's him...

just waiting for a door of opportunity to open...

November 27, 2007 at 6:52 PM  
Blogger wan29 said...

Hey... hawa plang nie... but blogger name ku wan29... yatah...

minta info... g'ferro pnya rates brapakan?


May 19, 2008 at 2:35 AM  

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