Thursday, September 27, 2007

Focus : Local Talented Photographers (Part Three)

Akadnikah is bringing you another two more talented local photographers this month. I was very happy to find out from a reader that these articles on local photographers is useful for some, especially for those intending to get married in December as there are numerous weddings in that month and most photographers are booked. So why go abroad, find a photographer from across the miles and spend a fortune when our very own local photographers are just as good. Is just finding the time to search for these diamond in the rough. Our two photographers this month go by their known names of CiBui and Zad.M.


This talented photographer is another part-time photographer who has been interested in photography since his college years but only realized it and became addicted in 2005 when he laid his hands on his first DSLR which was a Nikon D70s. For those of you who prefer being in front of the camera instead of behind it, well, DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. And if you still don't get this Photography jargon, to bluntly put it, it means this type of camera takes really nice pictures.

Cibui is no new-comer to the world of photography, although still a sprout, he has been shooting weddings since October 2006 so he has had a year of experience. A photographer produces better pictures with time. CiBui charges by the roll per event which is a totally different concept from other photographers as they often charge by event. Being the considerate person that he is, he tells me the reason for doing so is that he feels for those who have limited budgets to accept the charges charged by events. CiBui does his best with his clients to accommodate the budget allocated by them. His main motto is "...capturing your sweetest moments.."

A Wedding Package is also offered by CPS Brunei at a affordable cost of B$850 which covers the main four events that normally take place at a Brunei Wedding, which are Majlis Menerima/Menghantar Berian & Akad Nikah, Majlis Berbedak, Majlis Bersanding and Majlis Ambil-ambilan. For any other additional events, of course there would be additional charges. Interested parties should discuss further with CiBui. The work of this 27 year old young gentleman can be viewed at which actually stands for Cibui Photography Services. CiBui has actually covered two of my friends weddings, Azhar & Lina as well as Nasir & Muizzah which can be viewed here. (Would loved to have shared with you many of my favourite pictures taken by CiBui, but there was a little difficulty in trying to chopet them)

Here's a little advice from CiBui to Brides and Grooms when selecting a photographer; "Make sure you allocate your budget first then look for the photographers that can accommodate your budget. Most photogs nowadays are very talented and some are still in the learning process, so get some reviews from recent customers and browse through their portfolios first..."

-Art is not only drawn but also shot and printed-


Thirty One year old Zad just celebrated his birthday recently on 21st October. For a young photographer, he surely does have a lot of talent. Living in Kampong Manggis dua, this young sharp shooter is also a year-old sprout in the photography industry. Photography has been an interest to him since he was still studying, but a DSLR camera was not affordable in those days. Passion for photography motivated this young man to purchase one last year in October and since then has not put the camera down.

Zad M has been active in shooting weddings since February this year and has also shot family portraits as requested by some of his clients. Photos taken by this talented young photographer can be viewed on his website but here are a few of my favourites.

"Golden Treasures"

"Here comes the Bride, All dressed in White"

"I feed you, you feed me"

"Mari I lap kan sayang..."

"Adinda Ku Sayang"

Zad Majid charges a round figure of B$300 per event but has also created a wedding package for interested Brides & Grooms. His starting price for his wedding package is B$1200 which covers the main four events, Majlis akad Nikah, Majlis Berbedak, Majlis Bersanding and Majlis Ambil-ambilan. This package includes One album, digital negatives in DVD format as well as a DVD slide show. For more details on his wedding package, do feel free visit his website, contact Zad or email him. Contact details can be viewed on the Directory page.

Before wrapping up, Zad M. would like to share a little advice to Brides & Grooms. " Choosing a photographer is like wearing a dress. If you want to look beautiful you'll wear the one you like and suits you best." Nicely put in simple language that can definitely be understood by everyone, especially brides.

-A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever-


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