Monday, November 26, 2007

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People say, a wedding is only a one-time event but the marriage is forever, which is actually true to some extent. In fact, this one-time event will also be forever in memory as well as in pictures that we display and show to everyone. This is one of the reasons why being able to fit nicely into your wedding dress and look absolutely fabulous, is every bride's mission.

Without a doubt, if someone told me they were tying the knot a year in advance and was planning to loose weight, I would definitely suggest a one-hour daily exercise regime followed by a really healthy diet with a lot of salads and very little carbohydrate. Yet, with our modern-generation nowadays, the life of the today-woman is no longer parallel to the life of our foremothers who were customary to just stay at home, cook, clean and look nice for their husbands and potential suitors. This gave them plenty of time to look after themselves, unlike the modern women nowadays who are often juggling with their career, family and their beloved as well as their friends and social life. Finding time to exercise does not become a priority until its too late and soon enough you realize your wedding is two months away and you are still ten kilos over your ideal weight.

The weight dilemma is every woman's nightmare but for a bride, it is as if she is the victim in a thriller movie. A Japanese proverb defines fear as being only as deep as the mind allows. This is undoubtedly true. Therefore, to those chubby checkers out there, have no fear because where there is a will, there is always a way, and that way is to P'fection Beauty Concept.

P'fection Beauty Concept offers numerous services and promotions relating to the care of our skin, face and body and specializes in deep-purifying facials, ultra face lifting, shaping and bust-up therapy. Yet, the one service that interests most young brides as well as the younger generation of career women is the Weight-Loss & Shaping Programme Package. This package includes a bottle of 60 tablets of Body Beaus slimming pills and under-going several Synergica treatments to help firm the skin surface.

Body Beaus Slimming Pills

The Slimming pills often work on their own. Derived from a proportion extracted blend of Folium Camellia Sinesis, Fructus crataegus pinnatifida, folium nelumbo nucifera, semen cassia tora, ganoderma lucidum and radix salvia miltiorrhiza, these pills act somewhat like an appetite reducer and speeds up the metabolic rate in the body system. This process will convert our fat into energy for the needs of cellular activities. The fat layers then dissolve and will be flushed out of the body in the form of fluid, resulting in weight-loss.

Each bottle is intended to last for a month if the dosage of 2 tablets a day, which are to be taken in the morning, is followed. Although these pills act as an appetite reducer, it also boosts your energy level and helps stimulate bowel movement. When consuming these pills, one does not fully have a loss of appetite, yet the feeling of hunger does not exist. No matter how much weight u are intending to loose, it is not advised to skip all meals and not eat at all. Besides the lack of hunger, one will also realize the often thirsty and dry feeling in their mouth. This affect will encourage you to drink a lot of water which is the best cleansing treatment of all time. Precautions should be taken for those who have medical problems such as diabetes, heart related problems such as murmurs, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. I suggest that it would be wise to check with your doctor first or if in doubt, do not consume these pills at all. A bottle of these pills normally cost around B$230 but can be purchased at a lower price of B$160 - B$180 during promotion periods.

Synergica Treatment
(Illustrated Photo)

Some women feel like taking the pills are sufficient enough. Depending on your body mass and fatty tissue as well as cellulite, one might just need to proceed with the next part of the programme, the Synergica treatment. This treatment uses a unique type of electrical stimulation that aids muscle toning and helps to firm the skin surface. On average, one needs to undergo about 10 sessions of this treatment, but it really depends on the age and weight loss of the customer. Some might need more sessions to firm up the stubborn skin. Each treatment often lasts about one hour and allows you to leave the centre feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Interested parties who intend to trim down that extra weight should drop by P'fection Beauty Concept Boutique and consult with Ms. Joyce for further details or call for an appointment. Details can be viewed on the directory page. Good luck!


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