Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walking a Mile in C'est Moi Shoes

For the last decade, shoe shopping in Brunei has not been so exciting. Any pair of shoes that you end up buying at one store is usually available at other stores all over Brunei unless you can find that one, isolated shoe boutique that sells a minimum number of shoes in one design. This is often a dilemma for most brides who are meticulous about their gift of shoes from their grooms during the Hantar Berian ceremony. This results in brides and grooms taking a short weekend shopping trip across the miles to Singapore or Malaysia to buy those unique shoes to place on their trays.

Some brides are not so fortunate to take that quick-shopping weekend trip, May it be that they are on a tight budget, or because their career demands too much of their time or even because their leave was not approved by their senior officers. Hence these brides end up having to search high and low in Brunei for shoes, exquisite enough to place on their trays or even ask friends/relatives who are abroad to buy shoes for them. Sometimes, their friends/relatives have great taste and come back with lovely shoes, but other times the shoes they buy are just disappointing. If you are a future bride and you feel like you fit in to the category of the not so fortunate, have no fear because now there is one shoe boutique in Brunei with specially designed shoes with its own brand name, which are exquisite, unique and affordable.

This Shoe Boutique is located on the First Floor of Seri Q-Lap Mall and was dubbed with the name C’est Moi Boutique, three years ago by its owner . C’est Moi’s sister branch, Shoe Lovers is located on the second floor of in The Mall, Gadong. The owner a young local Bruneian Lady, is officially the first sole proprietor to produce her own brand of shoes. With her love for shoes as well as inspiration from other top-of-the-line brands, all of C’est Moi’s footwear are produced in Korea & Taiwan. These exquisite shoes are unlike ordinary shoes available at the local super store; decorated with high quality diamante and swarovski crystals, their designs are truly extraordinary. Most of the fabric used on C’est Moi shoes are suede, leather, satin and patent materials and come in different styles of stilettos, open toes, court shoes, flats, sandals, round toe, pointy-toe, and sling backs.

Array of Shelves of Shoes in Various Colours

C’est Moi footwear caters for those slender feet as well as broad feet. Not only does this brand cater for different types of feet, but also different sizes ranging from the petite size four feet to the generously proportioned size ten feet. C’est Moi footwear, depending on the style and design of shoes can cost around B$40 to B$200.

Besides these unique Brunei Branded shoes, shoe lovers can also purchase matching handbags at C’est Moi. Handbags come in a various range of styles, shapes and sizes, which include clutches, tote bags and evening bags. These must-have bags cost from as low as B$30 to a whooping B$450. The latter price normally applies to those bulky, branded first-class imitation bags.

Footwear and bags come in a number of colours, from the conservative black, beige, navy blue and brown to those eye catchy colours like purple, pink, green and red. For customers who are into that 'bling-bling' look, have no fear as those dazzling and shiny colours like silver and gold as also available at C'est Moi. Here are a few of my favourite selections of matching shoes and bags in a variety of colours. Details of C'est Moi Boutique can be obtained on our directory page.

Black heeled Sandals & Velvet Evening Bag

Purple Suede Handbag & Funky Purple Shoes

Dazzling Gold Heeled Sandals & Gold Clutch Bag

Red Chanel-look-alike Stilettos and Red Prada Handbag

Banner : Courtesy of ranoadidas.com


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