Thursday, February 28, 2008

Multi-Talented Gift from God

This month akadnikah brings you an article on one of her top local make-up artists, Dewi a.k.a. Wiwi. A close and dear friend of mine who is just so multi-talented, that even I envy her. From being a talented artist who can draw a portrait of you skillfully to singing live on stage and representing our nation at international singing competitions, being a make-up artist for brides is just one of her many skills. This angel-voiced artist has done a various number of make-up sessions for brides and more so grooming them for each of their ceremonial events.


Hjh Dewi Hairani Binte Hj Thani, is a 29 year old local Bruneian born & raised in our lovely nation in the suburbs of the Tutong district. This young lady who is still single and always ready to mingle is currently a full time Art teacher at a local government secondary school. Even after completing her degree in the United Kingdom in Art & Design, this multi-talented gift from God is still active in grooming and enjoys singing as well as acting.

Dewi @ Wiwi is definitely a lucky soul and a gift from the Almighty. I say this because singing is a talent that one is born with or without and my dear readers, Wiwi has the voice of an angel that will constantly give you goose bumps and make the hairs on your arms stand up. Her artistic side with a pencil, is another gift she is blessed with. Her talent & skill of coloring and shading, i.e. makeup-ing, arose from her curiosity as a child and her final gift from God, being blessed with a heart of Gold.

At a young age, Dewi enjoyed her time playing ‘pretend’ and ‘dress-up’ where she would rummage through her mother’s collection and experiment on friends whom she labeled as ‘her guinea pigs’. Since then her experimenting with colors and make up has continued until now. When asked why she is infatuated with makeup, her reply was “With having an eye for art & design, I love to see beautiful things and I just love making people pretty.” Such a sweet and selfless respond.

Wiwi started being labeled as a Make-up Artist in 2003 which was due to a bride’s wedding nightmare. The bride, Wiwi’s cousin was devastated when her make-up artist cancelled on her at the last minute but lucky for her, although there was a little lack of confidence from Wiwi, she carried on as “Mak Andam” of the day and boosted her confidence with everyone’s compliments and support and has been her part-time profession ever since. Throughout these past 5 years, Wiwi has not only makeup-ed brides but also local & foreign artists for performances in Brunei as well as actors for a 13-episode national TV drama.

Make-up for weddings and casual makeup for various functions vary in prices. Wiwi charges about B$100 to B$150 per session/per event for weddings and between B$35 to B$50 for other events such as make-up for photography sessions, dinner functions and other non-bridal related events. For brides interested in Wiwi as their make up artist and are on a budget, have no fear as this artist offers a bridal package for her customers who require her services for 3 events or more, will get one make up session free of charge. In our local simplified retail language, “BUY 3, ONE FREE”.

Hjh Dewi offers her services as an entertainer (solo & Live band), Make- up Artist & Hair-stylist. Her prices for doing a brides make-up & Hair ranges between B$100 to B$150 per session which is the average price. As for entertainment, the price range actually depends on the type of function, duration of function and songs performed. Interested parties should contact Ms. Dewi directly for details.

Let us leave you with a little advice from the talented queen herself for those future brides and grooms when selecting their makeup artist.

~For Brides~

Be sure to tell your make-up artist the look that you want to achieve or better yet book trial sessions with your makeup artist so that you can easily consult with them on what you want.”

~For Grooms~

Do not let your make- up artist use foundation on you. Two-way cake powder will be fine BUT select the ones that matches your skin tone. Never let them use tones lighter than your skin tone! A bit of natural colour blusher and colourless gloss will be fine.... .....just enough to make you look fresher and radiant for the photo sessions.”

Hajah Dewi can be contacted by
you can call: +6738893422


Blogger hawa said...

Hey... Batah udah nda mencheck the blog... Do you have sample pics of the brides that Wiwi has done?

Does she specialize in duskier skintone?

March 28, 2008 at 12:11 AM  
Blogger said...

Hey..its my faithful reader Hawa..hehe

Didn't know u posted a comment. sorry dear...I would have samples but they are all with wiwi...will ask her nanti for some of her latest pics. Btw, one of her brides that she make-uped was Hazel. She's featured arah brides of 2007.

As for her specialty in skintones, i wud suggest u give her a call and chit chat sama sure she wudn't mind :)

April 3, 2008 at 7:17 PM  

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