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Irama Bahtera Gulintangan Troupe

IRAMA BAHTERA Gulintangan Group

This Gulintangan Group of talented locals actually began with only six members but decreased to two members when a handful of them started concentrating on their new careers. The latter then decided to find replacements in order to keep the traditional music alive. With much effort, this talented troupe of musicians now consists of Pg Yussof, Nora, Aimi, Ajid, Rafie, Ubai, Dillah and Qaisy, who are amongst them are teachers, students and graduates.

Pengiran Yussof, an experienced Gulintangan musician heads the Irama Bahtera Gulintangan Group that consists of eight members who all play on a selection of various traditional and modern instruments. The percussion's are played by a talented young woman that goes by the name Nora and the Violin by Aimi. The accordion & keyboard are played by the multi-talented Ajid, whereas Rafie plays the rebana & Cajun. As for Ubai@Aju, he talented plays the flute and Rebana, Dillah@Awang plays the bass guitar and the final member of this troupe, Qaisy, plays the keyboard.



(Bass Guitarist)

(Acoustic Guitarist & Accordion)


(Rebana & Cajun)

(Flute & Rebana)


Bearing in mind, although this group of musicians was not as well-known five years ago as it is today, performing at weddings, dinner banquets, ASEAN meetings, Opening ceremonies and public as well as private events over this period of time, has enabled their interest to constantly increase as a Gulintangan group after each event. At each event, for the members of the Irama Bahtera Gulintangan Group, it is mighty rewarding and heartwarming when their spectators interact with them and begin showing their interest in learning more of these traditional instruments as it depicts that their performance was truly valued.

A unique factor adapted by this particular Gulintangan group is the fact that besides the use of traditional musical instruments, modern instruments like the accordion, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, violin, keyboard, flutes and also drums are used to enhance the sound of their music when they perform.

This extraordinary troupe of Gulintangan musicians charge about B$500 per event and have been recommended by a number of satisfied customers/clients. Interested parties may check our Directory page for contact details. For personal pictures or event pictures on the Irama Bahtera Gulintangan Group, one may visit their webpages; or

With that, I leave you with a message from Pengiran Yussof ;

"Let us widely develop the cultural arts of our motherland through these traditional instruments and prevent them from extinction as Our traditions portray Our Race"

-Adat menunjukkan Bangsa-
(Pengiran Yussof)

Pictures courtesy of David Cheok & Irama Bahtera personal collection.


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